The Ultimate U.S. Army Legacy

Only few are better at providing water, food, power and shelter to personnel living in harsh conditions than the US Army. Much of the support Phoenix H2O is providing has historically been trucked in from large bases in the rear. This means convoys of vehicles moving supplies forward and waste rearwards – easy targets for attack. To reduce the threat to these ‘soft targets’ of resupply convoys, local resources must be used whenever possible and the need for moving supplies back and forth minimized. This means that water and power have to sourced close to the point of use and that back load of waste must be avoided. These requirements prompted the US DOD, through the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) to develop innovative modular systems that can produce drinking water from local sea, surface water or ground water. These systems can derive their own power from renewable energy sources (solar and wind), hence reducing liquid and solid waste by recycling water for reuse and destroying black water (human waste) locally.

Providing Excellence to the Industry

The government canvassed universities and the industrial sector for systems to meet their needs to provide water, energy and hygiene solutions to support the troops no matter where they were in the world. After review of all submitted innovations, NSRDEC chose Phoenix H2O solutions as the most innovative state of the art sustainable living systems. The solutions are now available for the Private Sector to provide excellency in sustainable reduction of operational costs and increase of well being throughout remote industrial deployment.

Manufactured within the NSRDEC facilities, Phoenix H2O Rugged and Modular Survival Systems are individual or combined modules that can be scaled and fully customized to create a mobile living environment in virtually any location throughout the world.

Built with a state of the art, powerful self contained renewable energy platform, Phoenix H2O Systems produce drinkable water from any water source while providing a C-Suite experience in the most extreme environments.

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