With our sustainable self-contained military grade survival solutions

A Modular & Customizable Solution

Enabling Luxury Comfort in the toughest conditions

Compact & modular combination of add-ons

Fast deployment and turn-key rugged systems

Autonomous & Powered by renewable energy

Enhancing your Workforce Quality of Life

These inherent benefits aim to reducing the cost and making industrial operations more agile and efficient.

A Solution adopted by the U.S. Army

Because of its High performance components

Its scalable state of the art filtration and purification system to supply water from any source

Coupled with high conversion renewable energy solutions

To enable robust, sustainable and decentralized water security wherever there is any source of water

An exclusive combination of high-end technologies to enable luxury survival in the toughest conditions


  • Increases comfort and mission readiness
  • Lengthens the time of remote location deployment and reduces OPEX
  • Ensures water, food and energy security in the toughest conditions
  • Has neutral or positive impact on the environment wherever it is deployed
  • Complements any existing solutions